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Mapping Software used by States

Find out what software states’ redistricting bodies are using to draw district maps

This table was last updated on . If you see any information that is out of date, please email us.

Some states have different bodies for congressional and legislative redistricting (as is the case in Pennsylvania, for example). Some states work closely with governmental offices during the redistricting process, as in the cases of South Carolina and Utah. In states where the legislature is responsible for drawing one or both sets of lines, there is sometimes a joint committee (as is the case in Mississippi), a House and Senate committee that operate somewhat independently (as is the cae in Massachusetts), and/or the parties work somewhat independently (as is the case in Illinois).

Note: all information regarding software selection comes from the nonpartisan census liaison, a staffer or outreach coordinator for the commission or legislature, or press releases from the legislature, Caliper (Maptitude), or ESRI.

State Software
Alabama Maptitude
Alaska AutoBound
Arizona ESRI
Arkansas AutoBound
California Maptitude
Colorado ESRI
Connecticut AutoBound
Delaware Maptitude
Florida ESRI
Georgia Maptitude
Hawai’i ESRI
Idaho Maptitude
Illinois AutoBound(Republicans), Unconfirmed (Democrats)
Indiana AutoBound
Iowa Maptitude
Kansas Maptitude
Kentucky Maptitude
Louisiana In-house software, Maptitude (as a backup)
Maine Maptitude (Democrats), Unconfirmed (Republicans)
Maryland Maptitude
Massachusetts Maptitude (House and Senate)
Michigan AutoBound
Minnesota Maptitude
Mississippi Maptitude
Missouri Maptitude
Montana Maptitude
Nebraska Maptitude
Nevada AutoBound
New Hampshire In-house software
New Jersey Unconfirmed
New Mexico Maptitude
New York Maptitude
North Carolina Maptitude
North Dakota Maptitude
Ohio Maptitude DRA 2020 (Joint Committee), Maptitude* (Commission)
Oklahoma Maptitude
Oregon ESRI
Pennsylvania Not yet selected (Commission), Unconfirmed (Legislature)
Rhode Island AutoBound
South Carolina Maptitude (House and Senate), ArcMap (Revenue and Fiscal Affairs)
South Dakota AutoBound (House and Senate)
Tennessee Maptitude (House), ESRI (Senate and Office of Property Assessments)
Texas In-house software
Utah AutoBound (Commission)
Vermont Maptitude
Virginia AutoBound
Washington AutoBound (Commission)
West Virginia Maptitude (House and Senate)†
Wisconsin In-house software
Wyoming Maptitude

*Legal Counsel for the Speaker of the House indicated that there was no official software utilized by the commission as a whole; Maptitude was used by at least two members.

†In the House and the Senate one member each in Majority and Minority; the remainder select their own.

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