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About the Redistricting Data Hub

Who We Are

The nonpartisan Redistricting Data Hub was founded by experts with backgrounds in pioneering redistricting legal cases, the establishment of independent redistricting commissions, and related ballot initiatives in Florida, Arizona and other states. We believe an effective democracy requires fair representation. Our goal is to provide individuals, civic organizations, and good government groups the data, tools, and knowledge to participate effectively in redistricting processes by learning how to define their communities, provide meaningful public input, recognize gerrymandering, and advocate for fair and legal maps.

The Redistricting Data Hub is a project of the Fair Representation in Redistricting Initiative, a project of New Venture Fund (NVF). NVF has contracted with HaystaqDNA—a political data consulting firm with a track record of success in supporting nonpartisan redistricting—to provide the publicly-available data and services. There is a firewall between the Redistricting Data Hub work and services and any other work provided by HaystaqDNA to any of its other clients.

The Redistricting Data Hub operates as an independent and autonomous project, overseen by the Fair Representation in Redistricting advisory committee. All Redistricting Data Hub employees are fully committed to nonpartisanship and ending gerrymandering in all forms.

What We Do

Publicly available data can be used to define communities, draw maps, identify racial or partisan gerrymanders, and evaluate the fairness and accountability of proposed redistricting plans.

We are working to coordinate and accelerate redistricting data collection efforts at universities around the country, and ensure the necessary data is widely available. We work with redistricting mapping software developers to reduce the costs and increase access to these critical tools. And we are developing training and educational resources that cover why redistricting matters and how and when to use the data and tools we’re providing.


Funding for the Redistricting Data Hub comes from the Fair Representation in Redistricting Initiative, an initiative developed by a set of foundations, with nonprofit leaders, to support fair and equitable redistricting. The Initiative includes: 1) support for civic organizations and coalitions in targeted states to advance community-centered redistricting; 2) research and mitigation strategies to promote the continued use of total population for drawing districts; and 3) national support services to enable fair maps across states. The Initiative is guided by a Fair Representation in Redistricting Advisory Committee composed of representatives of the following 18 initiative funders:

  • Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • Bauman Foundation
  • Bernard & Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust
  • California Community Foundation
  • Democracy Fund
  • Ford Foundation
  • Grove Foundation
  • Gund Foundation
  • Joyce Foundation
  • JPB Foundation
  • Mary Reynolds Babcock
  • New York Community Trust
  • Open Society Foundations
  • Resilient Democracy Fund
  • Rockefeller Brothers Fund
  • State Infrastructure Fund
  • Wallace H. Coulter Foundation
  • W.K. Kellogg Foundation