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We provide trainings on how to get involved in using the data that the Redistricting Data Hub hosts, how to participate and access resources, and we provide demonstrations on mapping tools that use our data to draw Community of Interest and District maps.

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Past Training Sessions

How to Prepare for Redistricting

How can you prepare for redistricting? At the Redistricting Data Hub, we recognize that a challenge in participating is having access to the necessary knowledge. This session will highlight some resources we have that can assist with finding the right mapping tool for you and ways you can access the resources you need.

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Data Introduction

The data introduction session is for folks who are interested in learning more about data and how it can be accessed on the Redistricting Data Hub website. This training covers the basics of data file types, as well as the different types of data we offer and how they might be used.

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General Overview

This training covered the mission and goals of the RDH, as well as how our resources can be used at different points within the redistricting process.

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Past Mapping Tool Demonstrations

QGIS Redistricting Plugin

The QGIS Redistricting Plugin is a free and open source desktop redistricting software developed by John Holden for drawing single districts or statewide district plans through QGIS software. It is available for download through the QGIS plugins app or this this website. Users must supply their own data, but this means that districts can be drawn at any level, including census blocks and precincts.

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Representable is a free, open-source mapping tool for creating Communities of Interests (COI). This tool is built in partnership with the Princeton Gerrymandering Project (PGP) and supported by Schmidt Futures.

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Dave’s Redistricting App

Dave’s Redistricting aims to empower civic organizations and citizen activists to advocate for fair congressional and legislative districts, while also advocating for increased transparency in the redistricting process.

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DistrictBuilder is a free, open-source mapping tool. It puts the power of drawing electoral maps in the hands of the people. Redistricting can be a transparent process that represents communities fairly and prevents gerrymandering.

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Learn more about mapping tools

Use the Choose Your Own Mapping Tool to find software and applications to use our data to draw community of interest and district maps for this redistricting cycle