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Don’t see the redistricting data you need on our website? We have in progress and specialized datasets that are available upon request

Request New Datasets

Express your interest by requesting the dataset you need for redistricting. We are prioritizing datasets that are useful for active redistricting or litigation, and that would be of the greatest use to the most people. We cannot guarantee your request will be fulfilled, but if it is within our capabilities and mission, we will do our best! Our team will let you know when they are available to download

New Datasets

Many of these datasets are in progress already. Express your interest in a particular file and state so we can prioritize it and notify you when it is available to download Request New Datasets

Check Status

Datasets that are already available are listed on each state’s download page and in What’s New. Specialized Datasets that were already requested are available to download.

Election Results

Extended Election Results
Extended elections results files are “endogenous” state legislative or congressional results joined to precinct boundaries. These data are critical for litigation and Voting Rights Act analysis. We’re calling these datasets, which contain results from congressional and state legislative contests “Extended.” These datasets may also contain additional statewide results that aren’t included in existing files, such as referenda, ballot questions, and other statewide races.
Disaggregated Election Results
Disaggregated election results down to the 2020 block level. Election results are often released at the precinct level, which is not easily joined with demographic data released on census geographies. Block-level election data can enable easy aggregation to higher levels of geography, such as counties or legislative districts, and joining with demographic data, such as decennial census data.

Redistricting Data Joining

One of the most common tasks required for redistricting is the joining of various datasets, especially demographic and election data. Because redistricting data is available at so many levels of geography – and geographies may change over time – this can be a difficult and time consuming process. The Redistricting Data Hub can assist with tabular and geospatial joins, using data from our website, and data you provide.

Community of Interest Maps

The Community of Interest COI Map Collection Project aims to collect COI maps submitted to legislative and congressional redistricting bodies and organizations during the 2021 redistricting cycle. The database is in progress, you can download available data through this project’s Dataverse and request in progress maps.

Local Boundaries and District Maps

We have compiled several local redistricting resources, including local government websites containing redistricting data or information for a particular city or county. Based on our experience collecting local data, we have also drafted up guidance to help you collect key local redistricting datasets.

Racially Polarized Voting Datasets

Racially polarized voting analysis often requires datasets which include both election results and demographic data at the precinct level. If you do not see a dataset on our site which currently fulfills your RPV requirements, please let us know and we can make these datasets on request.

Protected Data

Request this data so our help desk can send it to you. This dataset contains sensitive information so we ask our users additional questions before allowing access.

Incumbent Address Data

The 2020 incumbent address data gathered by Dr. Carl Klarner provides information about current incumbents, including their district number, party registration, gender, race and address. Request Incumbent Address Data

Access Our Data

There are two ways to access data: create a free account and download individual datasets or register as an API user and download multiple datasets at once


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What’s New

Our team keeps this list updated regularly with new or updated data that is uploaded to the site.