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Find out who is organizing around Redistricting in your state.


This is a list of groups who are organizing around Redistricting in this state.

Alliance for a Better Utah

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  • Mission:

    Alliance for a Better Utah is a nonprofit that holds politicians accountable and advocates for progressive policies that make Utah an even better place.

Rural Utah Project

  • Website:
  • Mission:

    The Rural Utah Project seeks to empower underrepresented voters in rural Utah by providing them with tools, training, and knowledge by means of voter registration, education, and issue advocacy on important topics that affect all Utahns.

Better Boundaries

  • Website:
  • Mission:

    The Proposition 4 campaign brought people of all political persuasions together to protect Utah from the harmful effects of gerrymandering. The Utah Constitution provides that “all political power is inherent in the people.” But our prior redistricting process undermined this fundamental value because it allowed politicians to select the people who vote for them. Proposition 4 establishes a reasonable process for addressing the risk of gerrymandering.

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Access the redistricting process in this state

Participate by accessing the online resources to submit public testimony and maps, follow or register to attend upcoming meetings, and view past meeting notes and recordings.


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