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Full-Time Roles

Our roles are fully-remote and include benefits.

Previous Roles

Below are some positions that we’ve hired in the past to give you a sense of the sort of positions we hire for.

Data Collection Coordinator

The Coordinator works with these groups to collect Community of Interest (COI) maps that they have or that have been submitted to redistricting bodies in their states, with the ultimate goal of providing these data for others to analyze proposed plans and push for fair and representative maps. View job description

Training Coordinator

An expert in our data and redistricting mapping tools that works with the data that we have available on our website to create trainings. View job description

Data Analyst

Collect, validate, and analyze data to make it publicly available for redistricting. View job description

Support Specialist

Become a redistricting expert and respond to support requests for redistricting data needs. View job description

Digital Content Designer

Create graphical materials to explain the use of our redistricting data and resources. View job description