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Civil rights organizations and good government groups have spearheaded many of the anti-gerrymandering fights over the years. We are fortunate to be able to regularly consult with representatives from these organizations to make sure we’re providing all the data needed for nonpartisan redistricting. Our Stakeholder group meets with us bimonthly to discuss the latest in redistricting data. If you work for a nonpartisan nonprofit engaged in redistricting at the local, state or national level and want to join our Stakeholder group, or just learn more, let us know! Send us an email at with the subject line “Stakeholders.”

More About Our Partners

Asian Americans Advancing Justice

Asian Americans Advancing Justice is a nonprofit civil rights organization operating nationally since 1991. Their mission is to advance civil and human rights for Asian Americans, in addition to working towards a fair and equitable society for all Americans. The work of AAJC spans education, litigation, and public policy. They provide localized services such as legal aid and advocacy to help empower the Asian American community, and aims to increase visibility by advocating for family immigration and ensuring accurate census counts.

Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund

The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund is a national organization working to protect and promote the civil rights of Asian Americans. Founded in 1947, the organization focuses on critical issues including immigrant rights, voting rights and democracy, economic justice for workers, and more. Their outreach spans litigation, education, and policy. AALDEF litigates cases that impact the Asian American community, in addition to providing education on legal rights, organizing free legal advice clinics and commenting on proposed legislation and public policy.

Brennan Center

The Brennan Center for Justice is a nonpartisan law and policy institute that combines the elements of a think tank, a legal advocacy group, and a communications hub. Their programs focus on democracy, criminal justice, securing the balance of power, and protecting fundamental freedoms.The policy reforms it has developed have helped form a new agenda for reform in states and nationally.

Center for Popular Democracy

The Center for Popular Democracy works to promote equity, opportunity, and a dynamic democracy in partnership with innovative base-building organizations, organizing networks and alliances, and progressive unions across the country. We currently work with more than 53 affiliates in 34 states and Puerto Rico, and build the strength and capacity of democratic organizations to envision and advance a pro-worker, pro-immigrant, racial and economic justice agenda. We are a rapidly-expanding, changing organization that partners with organizations across the country to build political power and win tangible victories that improve the lives of low-wage workers, immigrants, and communities of color.

Change Illinois

CHANGE Illinois is a nonpartisan nonprofit that researches, educates, advocates and engages Illinoisans in the fight for improved ethics and efficiency in government and elections. Based in Chicago, CHANGE Illinois leads the Illinois Redistricting Collaborative, a growing group of people, organizations and community groups working to achieve independent, equitable and transparent remapping in both Chicago and Illinois. CHANGE is supporting the creation of a Chicago Advisory Redistricting Commission to advance the creation of a ward map for Chicago, by Chicago residents. CHANGE Illinois also is a steering committee member of the Just Democracy Illinois collaborative that worked to see automatic voter registration approved, helped advance census efforts and educated residents about safe voting options during the pandemic.

Common Cause

Common Cause is a watchdog group based in Washington, DC with chapters in 30 states. They work at both the state and local level to win pragmatic, common sense solutions and build a national movement to protect and strengthen democracy. Their work focuses on ensuring that every vote counts, that every eligible voter has an equal say, that our elections represent the will of the people, and that the government is of, by, and for the people.


GeoCivics, a project of the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, provides interactive tools and practices to prepare people to advocate for fair districts in their states. These educational resources support students, teachers, and community members as they engage in conversation about prioritizing the criteria guiding construction of electoral districts and in understanding the geospatial technology platforms used to map districts. Paying attention to where lines are drawn, by whom, and under what circumstances informs how people are governed. Making historic, geographic, and technical materials widely available allows more voices to participate in this process, with the expectation that electoral districts will reflect everyone in the community.

Latino Justice

LatinoJustice PRLDEF works to create a more just society by using and challenging the rule of law to secure transformative, equitable and accessible justice, by empowering our community and by fostering leadership through advocacy and education. For more than 40 years, LatinoJustice PRLDEF has acted as an advocate against injustices throughout New York and beyond.

Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights

The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law is a civil rights organization dedicated to fighting racial and ethnic discimination. They formed in 1963 at the request of President John F. Kennedy, who sought to enlist the aid and resources of private lawyers in fighting racial discrimination in the courts. They engage in a variety of legal campaigns, ranging from criminal justice to voting rights.


The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. is a nonprofit civil and human rights law firm founded in 1940 under the leadership of Thurgood Marshall, the first Black U.S. Supreme Court Justice. Their mission has been transformative—to achieve racial justice, the recognition of human dignity, equality, and an inclusive society. LDF’s litigation, public policy advocacy, and public education programs in the substantive areas of political participation, criminal justice, economic justice, and education, seek to ensure the fundamental and basic human rights of all people to the right to vote and fully participate in democracy, a fair and just judicial system, economic opportunity, and quality education.

Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund is one of the nation’s leading Latino civil rights organizations. It is committed to protecting and defending the rights of all Latinos living in the United States and the constitutional rights of all Americans.

Orange County Civic Engagement Table

Orange County Civic Engagement Table is a progressive AAPI-Latinx-Labor-Environmental Justice Alliance that seeks to build transformation by serving low income immigrant Latinx and Asian American communities work on issues of immigrant, economic, and racial justice across the county. The OCCET is dedicated to increase the quality, scale, and effectiveness of civic participation in communities of color and among low-income populations in Orange County.

Southern Coalition for Social Justice

Southern Coalition for Social Justice is a nonprofit organization founded by a multidisciplinary, predominantly people of color group striving to provide a team of lawyers, social scientists, community organizers, and media specialists to support families and communities engaged in social justice struggles. This is achieved through a combination of legal advocacy, research, organizing, and communications.

State Voices

State Voices network consists of a group of multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural communities of advocates, activists, and organizers committed to building people power to transform communities. The network of nonpartisan state coalitions works with grassroots organizations to bring underrepresented and marginalized populations to the center of public discourse on top of providing access to enhanced data and tools through the Tools For All program.

Statewide Database

The Statewide Database of the University of California is California’s redistricting database. They are responsible for collecting and processing data for California’s decennial redistricting. In 2001 and 2011, these data were used for Assembly, Senate, Congressional, Board of Equalization, and local redistrictings, as mandated by law. Data collection and processing are ongoing between redistrictings, with precinct level datasets and resources published after each election.