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Mapping Tools

2021 will be unlike any past redistricting cycle, in terms of the sheer number of mapping tools that are now available. From free online Community of Interest mapping platforms to high powered desktop redistricting tools, we work hard to make sure our data is accessible in whatever mapping tool you choose. If you know of a great redistricting mapping tool not listed here, we want to know! Send us an email at with the subject line “Mapping Tools.”

More About Our Partners


DISTRICTSolv is a desktop product developed on the Esri ArcMap desktop platform. DISTRICTSolv was developed by ARCBridge Consulting & Training Inc. in 2010, utilizing its founder’s redistricting experience at the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Voting Section and at the Bureau of Census. DISTRICTSolv allows users to import, create, and edit an unlimited number of district plans at the census county, tract, block group, block, and precinct geographies, and create community of interest maps and reports. DISTRICTSolv provides an easy-to-use interface, comes bundled with processed PL94-171 data, offers automated creation of districts, and checks for contiguity and compactness.

Caliper Corporation

Caliper Corporation is an industry leader in the development of geographic information systems (GIS) and transportation software. First released in 1995, Maptitude for Redistricting software quickly became the go-to software for state legislatures, political parties, redistricting professionals, and public interest groups. For the 2020 redistricting cycle, Maptitude has generously agreed to make their software available to RDH stakeholders for 50% off.


Autobound EDGE by Citygate is an enterprise redistricting solution supporting desktop professional tools, integrated with web based citizen redistricting and commenting tools. Interested users can request a demonstration through their website. The system has been used for 3 decades supporting more than 35 states in creating legislative and congressional districts. It provides contiguity checks and compactness scores, and includes automated redistricting capabilities.

Dave’s Redistricting App

Dave’s Redistricting aims to empower civic organizations and citizen activists to advocate for fair congressional and legislative districts, while also advocating for increased transparency in the redistricting process. Run by a group of volunteers with a shared passion for technology and democracy, DRA offers a free web app that can be used to create, view, analyze, and share redistricting maps for any state.


Districtr is a free public web tool built by the MGGG Redistricting Lab at Tufts.  Districtr has two functions:  users can draw districts, or can use regions and landmarks to draw and narrate communities of interest.  We’ve engineered the tool with accessibility front and center – no login, no downloads, works right in your browser and makes maps that are tweetable, printable, and exportable in formats that work with GIS and other software.  We are working with states and community organizations to set up Districtr to help collect public input in the 2021 redistricting cycle.

Public Mapping Project

DistrictBuilder is a free, open-source, web-based software developed by the Public Mapping Project and Azavea. The software is designed for creating redistricting plans for state legislatures, Congressional districts, and local jurisdictions. The online tools support drawing districts using counties, census block groups, or census blocks and can be adapted to drawing with voting precincts or other units. Users are provided with district statistics on population, race/ethnicity, election results, contiguity, and compactness. The software supports integration of communities of interest and maps can be exported to share via social media.


Esri Redistricting is a paid, web-based solution that enables governments, advocates, and citizens to complete and securely share compliant redistricting plans. Esri Redistricting provides comprehensive tools for plan creation, management, visualization, editing, and collaboration. Pricing is available on their website, and there is a free trial and Learn Lesson available.


The QGIS Redistricting Plugin by John Holden is a free and open-source redistricting software designed for drawing single districts or statewide district plans through the QGIS open source GIS software. It is available for download thru the QGIS plugins app or downloadable through this website. Users must supply their own data, but this means that districts can be drawn at any level, including census blocks and precincts. Users can generate and export reports, including population and deviation statistics for districts. You can also track any number of variables that you import by district. Maps can be exported in any file format allowed by QGIS, including shapefiles and PDF.


Representable is a free, open-source mapping tool for creating Communities of Interests (COI). This tool is built in partnership with the Princeton Gerrymandering Project (PGP) and supported by Schmidt Futures. Representable also works with organizations to collect community maps and information regarding shared interests. This data is valuable when creating and evaluating proposed district maps, and ultimately fighting gerrymandering practices.


iRedistrict® is an award-winning redistricting software with powerful optimization algorithms, intuitive user controls, easy editing interface, and customizable reporting. This technology is sponsored by NSF. As a cost-effective and time-saving solution, iRedistrict® can dramatically save the workload and improve the outcome quality of redistricting projects. iRedistrict® excels in its capability to leverage user inputs (such as communities of interests, existing boundaries, etc.) and powerful computer algorithms, which can generate high-quality redistricting plans that meet both mandatory requirements and user- specified preferences.iRedistrict has a desktop edition and an online edition. iRedistrict Online is part of ZillionInfo Online. ZillonInfo Online supports free accounts but it is mainly for map visualization. iRedistrict Online is a paid Service.