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All About Redistricting

Professor Justin Levitt’s website has long been the go-to source for anyone with questions about redistricting lawsuits. If you want to know about the rules in Alabama—or the latest on the Texas redistricting lawsuits progressing through the State and Federal court systems—All About Redistricting (AAR) has the answers. As you visit our state data download pages, you’ll see links directing to the corresponding AAR state page, where you can learn more about the legal side of redistricting.

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All About Redistricting is our recommended resource for legal questions around redistricting. Run by LMU Loyola Law School Professor Justin Levitt, a former federal voting rights official, AAR provides summaries of the law and process for redistricting Congress and state legislatures, tracking the progress of the maps, reform proposals, and redistricting-related litigation around the country.